Stay on trend ~ whats hot news in fashion for Spring 2010

I know it still feels very cold out there but Spring will soon be around the corner and yellow daffodils will come alive breathing life and hope in this new year.  So what is going to be hot for Spring season 2010? 

The fashion trends translating from the catwalks is ‘softness’.   Think of ruffles and romance heading our way.  The key features will be to channel light ~ you will see plenty of chiffon, billowing frills, frivolous lace and delicate embroidery .  Colours will be mint, rose and blue. Maxi dresses are still here.   But as seen on London’s catwalks, the trick to making them work with your everyday wardrobe is to add an urban edge. Use black jersey to toughen up sugary shades, or create a contrast with heavy accessories. If you want to keep things feeling oh so pretty, a thin belt or clutch will do the trick.

You will also notice it is time to put away your kitten heels or stilettos.  Heels are getting lower and its goodbye to  toppling over on those 6 inches!  The heels might only be losing a few inches but inches matter and the shoes in the shops are more foot friendly.  Phew, a sigh of relief.   The platform trend is also subsiding (just when I got around to buying a pair!)  Typical fashion changes dramatically so never stock up on too many new items.

Bad news!  Cycling shorts have been seen on the catwalks of Louis Vuitton and Prada no doubt they will be making their way onto the high street soon enough. Leggings are one thing, and shorts are one thing, but the combination of the two may cause more faux pas than any other new trend.

Lady Gaga’s paparazzi image hasn’t gone amiss by the fashion industry and we may soon see the return of  Underwear as Outerwear.  Isn’ t this what Madonna did?  Anyway, if you fancy wearing your bra to the supermarket then you could well be on trend.   Well if PJ’s are acceptable then why not?   I think you can count me out but…  if you want to embrace your inner harlot then this is the time to let loose.

Whatever, you decide to go with this season make sure you feel comfortable representing yourself this way.  I know I might have a giggle or so walking down Oxford Street this Spring.

Love Lana x


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