Does love matter on Valentine’s Day?

The trouble with Valentine’s Day it forces us all to look at our ‘love life’.  Red Hearts everywhere, you find them on cakes, on balloons in the street, even on the food in the supermarket.  It is all around us romance beckons us to stand and pay it attention.  Valentine’s day makes us evaluate our man or woman (if we have one) or reminds us that someone left us on the shelf if we are alone, rubbing our noses in it.  My goodness if we are alone, we know it alright. 

So does Valentine’s Day really matter, after all what is it?  It is a day. A day when the flower shops do pretty well and charge £50 for the last red rose in the shop.  It is commerical rubbish.  Well, it isn’t of course if you are madly in love and want the chance to tell that special someone how much you love them, and you don’t mind their cold feet on you when cuddled up in bed.  We want to shower our love one with affection right?  Yes of course, we do but don’t go mad, a little something is all you need, a CD, a book something that says I thought of you today.  But what really matters on Valentine’s Day is demonstrating your love by your actions not your presents, take time out to make them a special breakfast and yes it can be heart shaped toast!  Spoil them just for the day especially if you aren’t normally very good at it.  Stand up and say ‘I love you’ and I am glad I am with you.

If you are alone i.e. no one special in tow, then don’t fret.  Enjoy the time with the dog, the cat, your mum, your best friend, there is someone you love and it is love we are celebrating so find someone to share your day with.  Take mum to the pictures to watch a fun film.  Spoil yourself because at the end of the day, you have to love yourself before you can really love another. 

Valentine’s Day is just one day so enjoy it for what it is ~ a bit of fun. 

Love to you all x


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