Hidden Love

Hidden Love

Degenerate, the emptiness of your heart,

Smokey, polluted, like the air of the of the land,

Aggressive, resilient, stubborn as the ox,

As proud of the lion, the walls of your heart.

Wire fencing, hard brick, ice like steel,

The door is bolted on the inside.

Hidden away in the dusty caverns of your soul,

The light of love it never saw,

Pretence of your sacrifices,

Deluded of your life,

Cast away from the God of Love,

You never showed your face,

Never tried, only lied.

Your secrets in the depths of the years,

 your eyes bathed in pain, the anger,

the frustration of years of torment in which you lived alone.

You pretend to have never seen,

Never understood, the language of love,

Your eyes hidden so you believe behind

The black curtain of hell,

Your choice, never mine.

I only tried to rectify the grief, you understood;

But that was never enough

For a man who lives in hell by his on choice.

Author ~ Debi K. Moore (All rights reserved)


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