Should I stay with my cheating of a rat boyfriend?

He has cheated on you and you don’t know whether to give him another chance?  Well, once a man/boy/bloke guy whatever you call him has broken your heart, your relationship changes big time.  When we fall in love we assume things won’t change, you will love him and he will love you right!  You know Becky 4 John forever, so we think.  Wrong.  People do change and once he has betrayed you, it changes the dynamics of the relationship.  Note, I said he betrayed you, yes he is a rat bag. 

But if you really loved him, it is difficult to let go of the relationship and you might just want to give him a chance.  I mean some of the greatest people have given people 2nd chances look at Mrs. Clinton (one brave woman) or was that stupid!   Well what you want to know right now is what shall YOU do?  First you will think okay it must have been ME, I wasn’t good enough for him, pretty enough for him, funny enough…..droll……. stop that now.  He was weak and he strayed, nothing to do with you.  He loved you when you meet him why would that be different now.  Look it isn’t your fault.  It is his after all there is that little word ‘NO’ except he didn’t know the word at the time.  So it is worth trying to make things better?  It’s difficult, it really is.  You will never re-create that trust again, it is broken but it can be glued back together if you really want it to.   Ask yourself can you see yourself with him in five years?  If no, then please move on, he is not right for you and take heed of this first warning.  If you can see yourself with him then work out in your head how he can make things right for you and tell him.  He must do all the running, really apologise with his head and heart, buy you lots of flowers, gifts, chocolates, handbags and of course shoes.  Then just maybe you can work it out together.  If you go for this option it will hurt for a while until some of that trust is proven by him.  Good luck with whatever you choose and it is only you who can decide.


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