Another busy week

Well that’s the end of another busy week, I hope yours went well.  I had a super time last Saturday at my book signing, felt quite nervous as I approached but then it all just disappeared and I relaxed.  Book signing is an enjoyable event, chatting and talking with people about my book, why I wrote it, what happens next.  The most nerve-racking part was making sure I didn’t misspell anyone’s name but I had this sorted with pieces of paper that they could write on which I could just copy out.  I told myself to write slowly as I am a fast writer and fast talker so need to slooooooooooow things down sometimes.  I also type too fast for my own good but glad spellchecker helps me out. 

If there are any topics you specifically want me to cover in the blog, then just drop me a line and I’ll see what I can do.  Hope the exams and revision are going well for any students out there and don’t forget to look at my revision tips on this blog.  

I am currently writing Lana’s Life Tips Part 2 and about half way through I would say, very enjoyable writing these exciting subjects on beauty, money, fashion etc. but I am putting some tips on the blog before the second book is published just in case you need help.  Well that’s me done, for today and please do feel free to add any comments and would love to hear any suggestions you might have.  Take care, love and light Lana x


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