Memory of Mother

Mother you brought me into this world, when the knot was cut and I was freed,

but you kept me close to your breast, fed me, loved me, kept me warm.

Through the years, the bond was never broken, you soothed away my tears,

taught me how to read, how to spell,

told me all the things I needed to know to survive in this world.

Mother, I never realised how much I loved you, until one day you  had gone,

Now I have to face the world on my own, no more kisses, no more love,

alone I must, alone I must fight.

Mother, I know you didn’t really want to die, but God called you to his side,

and there you must stay in his world, while I live in mine,

but one day we will be together again, my mother and I.

Written by Debi K. Moore

Note ~ this poem was written when a friend lost his mother at an early age.   I wrote this quite a few years before I lost my own mother.


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