Happy Mother’s Day


It is Mother’s Day.  Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.  

Mother’s Day isn’t just something we celebrate here in the UK, it is celebrated all over the world and in some countries it is even a bank holiday!   Although it is an ancient celebration believed to date back to ancient Greece, the meaning of Mother’s Day hasn’t changed in todays fast paced society.  Mother’s Day is the one day out of the whole year, you can say ‘thank you’ without feeling clumsy or foolish.  Even young boys can easily carry a bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day without getting laughed at by their mates. 

Mother’s Day is a bit like Christmas it isn’t about the presents.  It is about love and enjoyment of the company of others.  Your Mother will appreciate very small gestures of help so why not make breakfast for her, run her a bubble bath or offer to do the chores for today. 

She will appreciate those little moments of putting up her feet and having someone wait on her for a change.  Mothers are always there, day in and day out, they just get on with job.  Why do this do this?  It is simple.  Mother’s love their children much more than they could ever love themself. 

Mother’s don’t judge, they don’t complain, they just do.  Say thank to your Mum for what she does for you. 

You have one day to make your Mum feel special ~ go on its easy ~ make your Mum’s Mother’s Day very very special.  She deserves it. 

Enjoy your time and day together.  Lots of Love to you all, Lana x


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

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