How to make decisons

Decisions, decisions, decisions.  It can be a nightmare when decisions have to be made and we don’t know what to do.  Some decisions thankfully are quite easy whether to have a Magnum or a cornetto from the ice cream van.  Not really life changing, so not really matter in the scale of things.  But some decisions are life changing or soul-searching.   Do you have questions or decisions to make similar to these:

What exams options should I take?  Shall I go further with Jack?  Should I start taking the pill cause all my mates are?

These decisions are life changing, they form a part of your future.  Sometimes, it isn’t worth asking people to help you make decisions as it is only your life which will be affected.  Therefore, it really is up to you to make the decision as mostly it is your life that may change.  Okay, that doesn’t really help you at this point, as you want help now with your own decisions. 

In order to make sense of any decision-making, weigh up the impact of your decision on your life and possibly other people in your life (your decision may affect others, take the pill mum won’t find out but she could be shocked by your decision).   Not take the pill, get pregnant then Jack will be a Dad and Jack didn’t want to be a Dad!  Okay, you still need to make the decision but other people are involved in your life and it could affect them.  Just because other people maybe effected should have too much bearing on your decision but you will need to consider this as it can change relationships.  Got that bit sorted.  Let’s say you think you know your decision but you are wavering because something doesn’t feel right, then it might be you made the wrong choice, sometimes our heart is worth listening to and taking its advice. 

Decision making is just a series of actions, one action can lead to another.  If it leads to something good, then it will be a good decision.  If it sets off a whole series of other problems it is likely to be a wrong decision.   Remember, write the pros and cons of each decision and hopefully the right decision will come to you.  Don’t be afraid to get professional knowledge from a teacher, doctor etc. to help with your decision-making if you need it.  Knowledge is very useful and more information we have the easier sometimes to make the right decision. 

Some decisions can be undone if they are not right, you can mend a broken plate so it looks like new, you can’t mend a broken glass to its original state.  Think of the consequences of the decision and how much will it affect your life.  Is the effect good or bad?   Good is good for your life and your future.  If it is bad for your life then perhaps you are setting up your life for unhappiness.     Hope this helps and remember, in the book ‘Lana’s Life Tips’ there is much more help than I can put in a small blog.  Good luck and don’t forget to email me if you need any help.  Can’t guarantee an immediate response but I will get back to you within a few days if I can.


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