Easter Time and Time to think, play, revise and what????

Well here we are it’s nearly Easter, the clocks have changed (hope you didn’t forget), we are now one hour ahead.  So Spring is in the air!!!  Well I so wish it was, but it is dismal, grey and no sign of some warm rays heading our way.  Someone even told me this morning it was gonna snow!!!  Okay, so time is now on your hands, maybe you are bored, maybe you have revision who knows but what you will want to do is DO SOMETHING

You probably hate school, glad you got some free time but now sitting there after watching Glee repeats saying ‘I’m so boooored’.   When the sun doesn’t shine, it’s so damn cold outside and you don’t want to stand on a cold street corner with you mates, it’s difficult to find something interesting to fill your time.

So what can you do?????????  Here is a few idea’s~~~~~~~~~Well 10 tips should get you thinking.

  1. Take someone’s dog for a walk or visit a local RSPCA centre to cuddle cats etc.
  2. Visit a Museum (some are free)
  3. Bake a cake (this is rather fun)
  4. De clutter your room and give stuff to a local charity shop (they are so in need of things with everybody making a fast buck on eBay)
  5. Do something for your parents, wash the car, weed the garden etc (omg how many brownie points)
  6. Write a poem and add it to Lana’s Life Tips blog (ie on here)
  7. Read a book that you never get round to
  8. Go out and play rounders, footy etc in your local park with your mates
  9. Make something i.e. a birthday card, present for someone.
  10. Find something to do that will make you laugh, you’ll feel much better.

So there you go, that should be enough to get you started or point you in the right direction.  Time can go really quickly when you are enjoying yourself so do pencil in time slots for revision if you are taking exams soon.  When you do something, you get a sense of achievement or if the cake flops in the middle, you’ll get a laugh.  Either way, you will win.

This Spring break, enjoy yourself and think to the end of the break and see how you would want to feel then make it happen.  As Nike says just ‘DO IT’.

Have a super-duper time and don’t forget you can also catch me on twitter http://twitter.com/lanaslifetips and Facebook http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lanas-Life-Tips/244397367832.

Catch you soon x

PS Enjoy your Easter Eggs


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