Spring is in the air and sun has come out?

Hello sun

It is good to see you this morning

I thought I must write as the sun is shining and it is a strange sight here in the UK. We rarely see it!!!    But…. it is such a delight and breathes fresh life into the world. I feel it is time to pack away the wellies, ditch those thermal vests (you don’t I hear you say!) Yes well naff I agree but who enjoys being cold? I certainly don’t.  So a new Season is here. Yippee… I want to shout from the rooftops, new beginnings, off with the old and hello to the new.

It feels great to stuff your old clothes into plastic bags ready for the charity (good deed for the day) and it feels light and refreshing to blow those old cobwebs out of the house. So go on get yourself organised and spring clean your room and you.

But there is one thing the Sun brings that we don’t like and that is danger! The sun is beautiful even though it is 4.5 billion years of age!  But you will still need protection for your skin, rays penetrate deeply even in cloudy sky so take care and ensure you use a min. of 15 factor sun screen when you go out, after all you may be young but you won’t want to help those wrinkles set in. Would you? PS the sun is good for a feeling of well-being and producing vitamin D to help your bones…….. so enjoy.


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