10 Quicks ways to De-Stress

Okay, we all get stressed out from time to time.  It’s normal, we all lead rather hectic lives and sometimes it all just go a bit mad.  We feel as though we can’t cope, too much revising, too many texts to answer, too much paperwork.  Yes it feels like you are forever chasing your tail.  So here we go, easy and quick tips to de-stress and bring some calm………….yes some calm and order into play.

  1. Breathe ~ wow that is simple!  When you are stressed you tense and your breathing becomes tight causing us to stress more.  So breathe in and out sloooowoooooloooooy and then repeat 10 times.
  2. Write down a quick list of all you need to do (note NEED not want).
  3. Revise your list and delete any not really necessary.
  4. Take a drink of water and sip (yes sip not gulp) as though you have all the time in the world, this stops you fretting.
  5. Move ~ yourself.  Move your arms and legs or walk on the spot.
  6. Pencil in a time break and sing or dance to get you re-energised.
  7. Tidy things away so they don’t distract you
  8. Meditate for a min. of 5 minutes to calm your mind
  9. Eat healthy and don’t load up on sugar fixes
  10. Smile and be nice to yourself.

So there you go, plenty to get on with.  Not all tips work for everyone as we are all unique, so pick the one’s you like the best and get ready to de-stress your cares away.   

If you need any help don’t forget to get in touch x ♥


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