Victim of Hate

They've returned again those callous men,
can they never leave us alone,
what have we done?
Why do we deserve to die?

Armed with bombs,
hearts full of hate, minds so tangled,
they only know  hate.
You my love, so young,
so innocent, so kind,
you a victim of hatred,
but they did not know you,
you never caused them pain,
never saw them,
never lied.

Alone you lie,
deep in the earth,
taken away by those callous men,
departed from me,
we can no longer share our dreams.

I couldn't save you my love,
hide you under my wing,
so many ill-minded men,
so much cruelty surrounds me,
who am I to say what I feel,
how can a man stand up to an army and fight alone?
The battle is already won. 


Debi K. Moore

Note from author ~  written at the time the IRA were prevalent in the UK but today the sentiment stays the same with forces from the UK and USA and other countries fighting for peace in the world.  Stay safe brave soldiers.    Help for Heroes is a charity of note that supports wounded soldiers whether you believe in war or not, we all must have compassion for those men and women who protect our lives.


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