Should you forgive?

When someone has wronged you, deceived or lied to you it is so difficult to forgive.  Should we even bother wasting more energy on trying to make things right?  We all know the saying ‘an eye for an eye’ so perhaps revenge is the answer or is it? 

Sometimes we even doubt ourselves and ask ‘maybe I am too sensitive’?  Perhaps, the world has moved on so much I should forget this injustice I feel. 

But when you heart lies heavy, your mind is muddled with frustration and you spend pointless time dwelling on their mistake you wonder what to do for the best.  Now of course, there are different levels of betrayal of trust.  Not turning up at 6.00 pm to go to the pictures isn’t as life changing as giving your heart to someone and then they sleep with your best friend.  So when we look at our own situation, we should be asking ‘how does this really affect my life’.

Deep heart and life changing betrayal can follow you around for years.  It hangs on by the skin of its teeth and doesn’t quite let go.  You say to yourself ‘okay get over it, move on’.  And move on you do. 

But have you really?  If that person keeps popping in your head then you haven’t forgiven or forgot.  You are just managing the situation the best way you can.  It is not easy to forgive, how can you when that person has wronged you so much?  It takes deep courage and strength to really forgive and start carving out a wonderful life for yourself.

If you can forgive totally, you allow your life to be open and free. 

So what about revenge?  Revenge doesn’t help you, all you do is set yourself up for another set of problems with your own conscience.  The other person knows they have wronged and you can only leave them to deal with this in their own way.  

If you can forgive you set yourself free and open new pathways to explore in what is a wonderful world.  As humans we all make mistakes and some we cannot change.  But we can take one small step at a time to move forward.

Set yourself free and live the life you so richly deserve. ♥


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