1st June 2010 ~ Summer a time of discovery

I am delighted that June has finally arrived.  It has been so cold, grey and dreary for far too long.  Summer is very welcome to pay us a visit and I can’t wait for the sun to shine down on us brightening our days.

The 1st June is an interesting date  and James Ross who was born in London was an Arctic explorer and it was on this date he located the position of the North Magnetic Pole back in 1831 in the far north of Canada.  Explorers are brave individuals who really do go where no man has been before.   

Now of course I am not suggesting you set off on an epic journey to discover lost lands but to see your life as a journey of discovery.  Life is full of unknowns, troubles and tribulations but also nestled in many moments of joy and happiness. 

Discover your true passion, try out new things and be open to new ideas.  But the key to our journey is always communication.  By allowing yourself to be open to new things, open to others points of view then you can experience a fruitful life.

Go on explore your options on your journey through life and be kind to others on the way.


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