Meaning of success ~ today is always a miracle

I love quotes as you know and just put a lovely one on my Facebook page about fairies of all things, check it out

Today is a very important day for all those receiving their ‘A’ levels results, some of you may be over the moon, others will be crying in their vimto. I found a lovely quote which I think represents all ‘A’ level students

“The talent of success is nothing more than doing what you can do well; and doing well whatever yo do, without a thought of fame” Longfellow.

If you are confused and need helping in deciding your next step then you might want to have a quick ponder at my Ezine articles

I am thinking of you all today on this important day, but whatever your result it isn’t the end of anything but just a beginning.   I always think each morning is a miracle, I so hope you feel the same way.  

Lots of love, light and laugher  Lana x


4 thoughts on “Meaning of success ~ today is always a miracle

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