Halloween ~ a new dawn

Halloween can be great fun, chance to dress up, laugh and frighten our peers.  But did you know Halloween is derived from Old Irish and means ‘Summer End’?  And don’t we know it!  Summer has truly gone, feet are wrapped up in comfy boots, scarfs and gloves are out of the closet. 

So what is the point of Halloween?  Well it is believed that we ward off bad spirits by frightening them with our costumes and masks.  If we change ourself by dressing differently then the bad spirits can’t hurt us.    Trick n Treat is thought to be when poor people went around houses begging for food, in return they prayed for the dead. 

Apples feature heavily in Halloween festivities probably because this time of year was the ‘Apple Harvest Season’ and apples were plentiful.    A funny Scottish tradition is where you peel an apple (in a long strip with no breaks), then chuck it over your shoulder.  It should then form a letter of the alphabet which is supposed to be the initial of your true love.  I used to do this quite a lot as a child but to be honest I can’t remember what letter it was.  I have had a few boyfriends with the letter ‘R’ so now doubt it was that.  

Halloween is just the chance for a bit of fun, a chance to dress up and have a giggle.  If you are trick n treat this year, do be aware that some old people can get frightened by today’s ugly masks and always take an adult with you.    Animals hate fireworks and loud noises so ensure you furry loved one’s are kept indoors and well looked after.

So Halloween is just transferring from Summer into Winter in my eyes ~ a new dawn!

Have lots of fun x



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