Are you lonely this Christmas?

Loneliness isn’t something we think about at Christmas.  Why?  Because most of us are just too busy with buying presents, partying and ensuring there is plenty of food on the table.   Complicated relationsips, break downs and divorce can result in a lonely Christmas where people are estranged from their family.  We often forget those individuals who can’t afford a lavish Christmas and may be too embarrassed to say ‘yes’ to an invite because they can’t afford to bring something with them.   Make it easy for them by keeping those few hours simplified whilst they are with you.  Don’t go opening expensive presents in front of them.

Not everyone looks forward to Christmas especially if there has been a bereavement in the family.  They can dread the day and want to get through it as quick as possible.  Often the pain of not sharing it with a lost love is too great.   So what can you do?   Understand the reasons why some people hate Christmas.  Be sensitive with your words and more importantly be very patient with people.   

Special occasions can be fraught with misunderstanding, so it is so important to ‘listen’.   Raised voices never helped anyone and Christmas is not the time to entertain old arguments.  It can be difficult but try to hold your tongue especially with the elderly as a little bit of sherry often can get Granny harping on. 

If you are alone, you might want to consider helping others such as the homeless and seek out organisations where you can make a difference rather than wallow in pity.  Doing a good deed always makes us realise sometimes how lucky we are even if we don’t feel lucky.

Christmas is a time of sharing, that doesn’t just mean exchanging pressies.  Share your time, your laughter and share your food and drink.


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