Christmas Presents ~ Managing Expectations when cash is short

     With Christmas rapidly approaching our thoughts naturally turn to ‘Christmas Presents’, Turkey, Snow, Family and Chocolate.  Amongst other things.  This is the season Mum’s get stressed out with the preparations, children write copious notes to Santa demanding the latest DS Lite or Xbox game.   Of course, within their little scribbled notes they will add ‘Yes Santa, I have been a good child this year’!

The trouble is with Christmas it can put demands on parents who are a little strapped for cash.  This is the worst economic climate in many years alas you can’t tell that to the kids!   Or can you? 

Maybe it is just better to manage their expectations. 

 You can only do this through clear communication.  First listen to carefully to what a child says and then wait for their answer.  Repeat this question in different ways for about a week as kids often don’t know what they really want.  You might end up with 20 different answers!   So then it is just a case of honing done to find out what they want.

Once you have discovered the answer, then comes into the ‘managing bit’ not that easy but worth a go.  If you don’t do this, your child could be full of disappointment and tears come Christmas morning.   If they want an Xbox and you know they won’t be getting one, ask them what would like as a 2nd present as Santa does have much money these days (just like Mummy and Daddy).  This way you can start getting them used to the fact they might not get their 1st wish. 

If you are expecting a lot from you parents this year, take into account times are tough and they can’t always come up with the goodies. Parents always try their hardest but they are magicians so please be understanding.   

Let us remember what Christmas is about.  It isn’t really about presents, it is spending fun and quality time with loved one’s.  Often a youngster is happy to play with a cardboard box rather than the toy inside.  Don’t get hung up and stressed out about Christmas, it is after all just one day out of 365 days of memories this 2010.  Remember the spirit of Christmas, sharing, love and giving.

I will leave you with a quote that I put in my book from the Chapter on Children

 “Your children need your presence more than your presents” Jesse Jackson

Wishing you all a very Happy and Loving Christmas.  Love Lana xxx


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