Happy Seasonal Greetings

      Happy Seasonal Greetings.


   Okay it is not news WE had 365 days to prepare for the big day!  And suddenly it is nearly here!   I  

    don’t know about you but every year  I vow to start my Christmas shopping early and unbelievably 

    I did.   Luckily, I bought most of my pressies from Amazon before the snow descended on the UK and bought us to a standstill.   So I have quite enjoyed being as snug as a bug in a rug watching the snow fall like cotton wool.  It is amazing for a change, my organisation paid off but you can’t always be prepared it doesn’t matter  how hard you try. 


  We know life isn’t perfect. 


Some obstacle will rear its ugly head and cause havoc to plans.   Presents won’t arrive in time, Granny might not be able to make the journey, and   supermarkets might run out of Turkeys.  Stress is an under-rated word!   To me, Christmas is like planning for a wedding, takes ages but lasts one day!    But unlike Weddings, we ‘ll get another one next year. 


You might like to have a look at my Ezine article http://ezinearticles.com/?10-Top-Tips-for-a-Happy-and-Stress-Free-Christmas&id=5198413    Some of the tips will be too late for Christmas now but do have a look to see if any can help you. 


Christmas is about the children.  Some children will expect Santa to deliver as normal.  See kids don’t understand the word ‘economic climate’.  This is a tough one!  But I am popping a link here to my article on ‘Managing expectations’ when you know Santa is a bit broke!   https://lanaslifetipsblog.wordpress.com/2010/12/02/christmas-presents-managing-expectations-when-cash-is-short/


I adore Christmas, I love the smell of oranges, spices, pine mixed with turkey basting in the oven.   The added bonus of snow this year makes it feel like a proper Christmas.  My gift-wrapping is rather haphazard; I can take 2 minutes to wrap a child’s pressie (because they aren’t going to look at the sellotape) and 20 minutes to carefully tie a beautiful ribbon on a special pressie.     Whatever you give, don’t worry about the value of the item it is always the thought that matters most.


Banish the stress and just let things happen on Christmas Day, it should be a day of enjoyment, love and sharing.  I wrote this quote for you.


“Perfection isn’t guaranteed at Christmas nor should it be expected”.


I would like to add a personal thank you for the love and support received during the last year.  Lana’s Lie Tips is to help teens but also anyone who benefits from the tips and care Lana gives.    


Merry Christmas and lots of love.


Lana © xxx


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