Happy New Year 2011 ~ a flying start


Wow didn’t that year pass quicker than a Harrier Jet!  It was so sad to hear they will fly no more.  I love planes and The Harrier Jet was and still is my favourite plane.   I don’t know much about aerodynamics but it always seemed a very special plane to me.  


So now, Christmas is done and dusted and I hope Santa bought you your wishes.   We  know wishes are not just presents!   Good health is often on a list and we can’t forget hoping that soldiers fighting will return safely.    

 Here we come 2011, a New Year, a new beginning.

A little poem I wrote for the New Year ~ hope you like it.


Time to put those ghosts to rest.

Deep hurts to bed, 

Sad tears to sleep,

Wrongs to wither to dust.

Time to change our heart.

Anger to calm,

Bruised hearts to heal,

Ice cold closed hearts to melt.   

Time for others.

Give when you have nothing to give

Listen when you prefer to talk

Judge not, unless you are the judge.

And welcome in a new year dawning.

Sing until you can sing no more,

Laugh until your belly hurts,

Dream the impossible dream

Plan the possibilities

Let only you write your own life story.



I hope your 2011 gets off to a flying start.  Make it a fabulous year for you and remember if life gets a bit tough, you can always turn to Lana for help and inspiration.

Lana x ©


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