Making your Valentine’s Day Special






 How exciting for lovers everywhere Cupid will be flying around touching  hearts!  This is the only day of the year when ‘expressing your love counts’.  Well it may well deplete your wallet of coins make that a couple of twenty pound notes at least!   Love will be in the air with declarations of love on every corner; you can’t miss the red roses smiling at you from the florists with a nice hefty surcharge because it’s the 14th February!  

 If flowers didn’t wilt, I’d suggest you be savvy and buy them in January!



Valentine’s Day ~ It’s just a day!  One day, so let’s not go overboard and gushy.  You need to do no more than five things:

1. A kiss

2. A cuddle

3. Say I love you

4. Buy a bunch of daffodils

5. Be home on time.

All of those five things say ‘I love you’.  But will they ‘cut it’ with your loved one?  Somehow, I doubt it. So scrap that.  On reflection, we girls want lavish displays of affection and love. 

We want:

  1. At least 12 red roses ideally 24!
  2. Breakfast in bed
  3. Candlelight dinner just for two (children not included)
  4. A very large box of chocolates with huge ribbon wrapped around it
  5. A lovely thoughtful present that declares a special bond between us.


Drat, that puts the pressure on.  Sorry boys, I was going to be on your side this Valentine’s Day as I think the media overload you to perform!  But the love bug got me!  Oh, and please don’t think red underwear is the answer, because it really isn’t.  Us girls have too many hang ups about our body ~ so we don’t need you expecting us to look like Eva Herzigova in the Wonder bra advert ‘Hello Boys’!

Whatever, you decide to do for your loved one this Valentine’s Day, make sure you do it with ‘love in your heart’.

PS    Here is a link to last year’s message Does Love Matter On Valentines Day”


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