10 Things You May Forget To Do Today!

1. Blink (whilst using your computer) to refresh your eyes from the stare
2. Floss your teeth (you’ll find some excuse ~ often not enough time)
3. Stretch your muscles from sitting down too much (at the computer or TV)
4. Take your eco-friendly bags and money off coupons to the supermarket
5. Click through Nectar to get your points on well known sites like Amazon
6. You’ll forget that one important item you will need on holiday, for work or at school
7. To read the small print (you will think it is all fine and there is no time for 10 pages of print)
8. Put your phone, iPod or iPad or computer on charge
9. Back up separately irreplaceable documents or photographs
10. Ring someone back because we don’t chat anymore on a telephone!

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