When the road in life gets too tough?




Life gets us all down at some point in our life.  We often hope our pathways are mapped out for us.   As though someone has the key to our life and we just need to find it. 


We follow our hearts, study hard, listen and learn but then life chucks a big obstacle across the road.  You want to throw in the towel! So what can you do?  Turn around is the easiest option!  Who wants the hassle these days?  Life itself is hard, you’ll say ‘give me a break’, and you’ll get much more fun from your x-box and Facebook games.


     And, so what!  If you do turn back, it saves you getting hurt.  You can always say ‘oh well, never mind, that wasn’t meant to be’.   Then go back to your life and do the same things you do every day.   That’s fine.  Honest it is fine!  It is fine if you are happy with your life.  Only you know what you want out of life!


But if you want to move forward, build a career, improve yourself and your skills then you’ll have to break down some walls, find a way through those obstacles and not give up when the going gets too tough.   It may not be easy; nothing worth fighting for is rarely easy.  It takes guts, determination, focus and courage.


 You might even fail!  Don’t let that put you off.  If you don’t try your hardest, you won’t get anywhere in life.  If the task seems large, break it down into baby little steps.  Just one rung of the ladder.  Then take on more step and move on to the next.  Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t expect miracles. 

 Keep on believing, keep going and you will find solutions to those obstacles.  

 I know you can do it and so do you



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