Mother’s Day ~ Sunday, 3rd April

This Mothering Sunday let your mum know you care.  Mother’s are always there, always ready with tissue in hand.   You can always rely on your mother when life starts falling apart.

They spend their lives trying to make you happy, healthy and successful.  Just remember they don’t always feel the appreciation, make a HUGE fuss on your mum today.  Let mum put her feet up, take her breakfast in bed and wait on her hand and foot.   You don’t need to buy her a huge bouquet of  flowers, you could just make her a special hand-made card and offer to the housework today.

You know she really does deserve it.

To mums everywhere ~ YOU ARE THE BEST.

A new poem hope you like it.  Love Lana  xxx



The Shadow ~ A Mother’s Love

A mother willingly sits in your shadow,

waiting, patiently whilst you grow.

She hurts when you stumble and fall,

She comforts you when you cry whilst hiding her own tears over your shoulder.

A mother knows your pain, no words need to be spoken ~ she just looks into your eyes.

She wants only to protect you from life’s harms and crimes

But, knows life sometimes deals a card that is hard to face.

She wants to absorb your pain and take it as her own to save you sorrow.

Your name was carved upon her heart from the day she first saw your face.

You can’t break that love, you can dent it, challenge it and even try to hurt it ~ but you won’t succeed.

A mother always waits in the shadows whilst you laugh, cry, fail and succeed.

Your spirit is strong; she gave you that.

She knows you will blossom and find your true path.

She believes in you ~ always will.

She’ll take a step back further into the shadow as you grow from that young child and yet….

Your mother’s love will always wait patiently to heal your hurt and share your joys.

You are who you are; because of her eternal unfaltering love.

Debi. K. Moore


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