A very Happy Birthday to an icon ~ Prince Philip

Did I ever tell you…. I love birthdays!  And this is an exciting week; I know so many people with birthdays in June.  But the most important birthday of the year has to be…. the most iconic living man in UK history!  (Ok that is my view and you may disagree with me).  He reaches the magnificent age of 90 on 10thJune.  He is witty, charming and somewhat mysterious the HRH Duke of Edinburgh.  Also known as Prince Philip the beloved husband of Elizabeth II (The Queen). 

What a handsome young man

 He was the founder of ‘Duke of Edinburgh Award’ created in 1956.  This foundation is one of the leading youth charities.  The organisation offers young people a real chance to develop new skills for both work and play.  They offer hope to the young, when hope seems to diminish in such lean economic times.  Young people from all walks and backgrounds have a chance to really achieve through their award scheme.  You need to be between 14 and 24 to join in.  Find out more by at http://www.dofe.org/

Prince Philip is the patron of over 800 organisations and is still chairman of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme.  He still accompanies The Queen on official duties and has a keen interest in conservation.  He is still working at the age of 90! 

 It is not only his enticing manner and humour that sets him apart; but his devotion to his duty as husband to The Queen.  Most of us think of Prince Philip as German but he was born in Greece.  He gave up his royal titles and his very promising Naval career to be by The Queen’s side, which he has done admirably for c 60 years. 

 Unusual fact:  Prince Philip is a keen artist and some of his work is displayed at Sandringham House.

Should you ever have the honour to meet Prince Philip, you will need to know what to say!  Address him as ‘Your Royal Highness’ and then ‘Sir’.

I wish his Royal Highness, a very Happy 90th Birthday. 


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