Make Sunday Special ~ Father’s Day 19 June UK, USA and Canada.

Father’s Day and Gift Ideas

 It’s often thought that Father’s Day is a recent marketing invention but this is wrong.  We’ve celebrated this event for over 100 years.     

I write a lot about Mother’s as they are so precious to us; but it’s dawned on me I rarely include any reference to fathers in my blog.   I know why this is; but it is wrong of me and I apologise.  There’s many loving fathers in the world with names such as Dad, Father, Pop, and Papa.  So it is time, I put my ghosts to bed and talked about Dads.

 Dads are our forgotten heroes and they don’t just bring home the bacon; this stereotype of a father died many years ago.  Our lives have changed so much and men play a large and vital role in bringing up the children.  This is even more crucial if both parents work.  They can offer love just as easily as women can.    

 Why do we forget Dads?  Men have a habit of working quietly in the background; their nature is just to get on with it.   Often we take Dads for granted because we can depend on them.   Dads always will sort things out for us, they know how to fix things; I don’t know many women who can change a tyre or put a shelf up!  But dads quietly keep the fabric of the family together

  Let’s not pretend but face the problem that some dads are estranged from their kids leaving father’s day to be a painful one.  My heart goes out to you.  Mediation can help and the laws are changing to be able to tip the power with the children’s care so both parents are on an equal footing.  

 If your father is no longer with you, the marking of this day may bring tears.  So do mark the day by remembering the good memories and if tears fall ~ let them. 

 Typically, we say ‘thank you’ for being such a great dad by the giving of a gift and card.  Don’t get fooled by marketing companies.   A hand-made card is as well received as a shop bought one.  If you are creative on a computer or sticking bits on card, then create your own. 

 So looking to buy him a little ‘thank you’?  Here are a few (a bit more than a few!)  ideas’ for you.

    • Write him a special poem
    • Enjoy a day out at a funfair, sporting event or just a bike ride
    • Offer to clean his car, do a bit of gardening or make him a meal
    • Buy him a gift to fit his hobby i.e. golf try a golfing item
    • Make him a special cake
    • Spoil him by waiting on him hand and foot all day
    • Chocolates (always well received)
    • Create a collage of memories for him using old mags and photo’s
    • Gadget (stress busting)
    • After-Shave
    • A family game you can all play
    • CD or DVD
    • Book or book token
    • Posh or funny socks
    • Make him a hand-made card


Don’t worry if you have no money to buy a present, it really is the thought that counts.

 PS Don’t forget to include Grandad or Grandpa if you have one.

 My father used to play with my brother and me in the yard.  Mother would come out and say, “You’re tearing up the grass.”  “We’re not raising grass,” Dad would reply.  “We’re raising boys.”  ~Harmon Killebrew Click to hear the song about your dad!


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