Friends are they worth the effort?

“Friends are those rare people who ask how you are then wait for an answer”

 Ed Cummingham


Hot Chocolate with marshmallows floating on top, imagine it ~ yummy delicious.  Think of your friendships like marshmallows and try not to weigh on them too heavy unless you sink them!    It always a good idea to think what can I give to this friendship?  What can I do to make my friend’s life better?  You have to be a friend before people count you as their friend.


Life can get manic with time disappearing before we even get a chance to look at the clock.  If your friend is ‘loved up’ with Peter or Sam or whatever his name is, you may find you have dropped to being No. 1 on their list to No. 2!  Don’t sweat about this, it is absolutely fine.  It doesn’t mean they don’t value your friendship, goodness no!  But they must get on with their life and if Peter turns out to be the one who breaks your friend’s heart ~ then you must be there for her.


I always like to look at my friends as apples  I have a large bowl of them and a mixture of varieties.  Each one has their own unique personality, which I love.  My girlfriends are so different, one is fab for making me laugh, and one has a large shoulder for me cry on when my book isn’t moving up in the Amazon ranking.  And Susie is the fashion diva who is great on a shopping trip ~ watch out Gok Wan.  


Social media is quite amazing in the way it brings people together but don’t just rely on this virtual world.  Get physical and make time to see friends face to face.  Every summer I put in my diary time for girlfriends!  Why not consider doing the same?  There are lots of things to do:


  1. Go to the beach together
  2. The park
  3. Go salsa or street dancing
  4. Offer to volunteer together
  5. Dog walking at your local RSPCA
  6. Raise money for a local charity
  7. Enrol at a summer school


The fresh air will do you a world of good.   Summer is so short; I don’t think I have even got around to putting on a pair of shorts yet!  Summer is so beautiful, so make the most of this wonderful season.


This quote for Buddhism sums up the spirit of friendship, in a nutshell “The friend who sympathises does not rejoice over your misfortunes, rejoices over your prosperity, restrains anyone who is speaking ill of you, and commends anyone who is praising you”.


In this world of ‘take’ and ‘me’, it is so important that the spirit of friendship stays with us.   It is rare to find a friend who meets ALL your needs but hopefully you will have that special friend who you can trust, rely on and loves you for being you.

So to answer my question “Friends are they worth the effort?”  Absolutely worth it!  

If you have a dear friend, then treat them well and they will remain friends forever.

Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Lots of love Lana



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