9/11 America I feel your pain

AmericaWhen I sat down to write this blog, I thought what can I offer to you my readers about such tragic events that happened on 9/11.  To be truthful I can’t offer much, as there is nothing anyone can offer to those victims and families of 9/11.  Their pain is so crushing it really did tear the heart out of America and its people.

But I am a writer and I must write.  I write to bring meaning to people’s life but there is nothing anyone could bring to this situation.  So I can only jot down my own thoughts of the event and hope it brings some comfort to your day.

A decade is a long time but the trauma caused by such a devastating event moved our hearts like no other event in our time.

On that fatal tragic day lives were changed forever.   It was a normal day (so one thought) and I was in  a business meeting which was interrupted by a colleague who said ‘a plane has crashed in one of the Twin Towers is that significant?’  We knew it was a tragedy but the meeting continued.  Later we were interrupted again when the second plane crashed, it was then we knew this wasn’t just a tragic accident but had sinister undertones.   The meeting never resumed; the entire office stood dumbfounded staring at the news on the computer.   We stood whilst the phones rang in the background, unable to speak to each other, unable to answer calls from our clients.

The tragedy of 9/11 sent horrific shivers of everlasting shock through the systems of most people.  And today, 10 years later I am still left with a surreal feel; and I am unable to comprehend how people could be so brutally cruel and callous.

The horror of the situation raises more questions than answers.  Wars have always been around but this hostility was very, very different.

I wasn’t in New York that day but my heart will never feel the same again.  The intense pain of stricken faces still stay etched in my memory.  One felt helpless and hopeless watching the carnage unfold.   Those brave fireman, workers, police and passer-bys who helped save people are very, very brave people.  This drill was not in any manual.

9/11 left many broken hearts and the word terror reflected in our eyes.  We can’t go back to how it was.  I really wish I could stop the clocks and re-write history.

Many of us are still awe-stricken at such evil.  Our safety, happiness and carefree attitude has been challenged.  We question someone who doesn’t quite look right and maybe has an ulterior motive.  We live in days of suspicion, trust is a difficult word to use in our vocabulary in a positive frame.

Remembering your pain xBut it is important to remember in these difficult days, that most people are inherently kind and good.  The majority of people will help each other out in times of need.

Sometimes it is circumstances that lead to good people turning bad.  Sadly, some people are born wicked and there is not much that can done to change this state.

This 10 year anniversary evokes the pain and sad memories for those that lost loved ones.  I think all of our hearts feel their pain, I know mine does.  But in our dealings with people we must not let our hearts become hard to others. It is difficult to forgive such individuals and I am not saying you should offer forgiveness but go about your business with an open heart.

Some people in the world are as rotten as you can get, but most of us are lovely people, who do care about each other.  We have a quest to make this world a better place for us all to live in.

Trust and hope are sometimes all we do have.  We must stand together, shoulder by shoulder, head held high and not be beaten by this small group of extreme misguided people

We can’t change what happened on that fatal day but we can offer a hand of friendship and love to those we encounter.

The loss of the Twin Towers itself leaves a scar on the landscape as a timely reminder but we must not be beaten down, we must not let terror ruin our lives, we must stand steadfast on our journey towards peace in the world.

America I love you x








PS I wrote this poem when I was a teen about the IRA you may like to have a quick read.



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