Bullying does matter!

You are never alone - help is always there

Bullies are just cowards!

Bullying is not fun and bullies may be making life difficult for you.  Bullies can ruin lives, make your feel afraid and anxious about making new friends.  This problem needs stamping out.

I am glad to see there is so much press about bullying both here in the UK and abroad.

If you are being bullied, you will need some help.

  1. Just ignore them (sensible option if you can but if it doesn’t stop you need to take action)
  2. Fight back (but this could cause more problems by labelling you as a troublemaker)
  3. Try talking to them to see what their problem is (but only you have someone with you)
  4. Speak to someone who can offer support and see telephone numbers at the bottom of this page (best advice)

If you completely ignore the situation, it may just stop or it could just get worse.

Bullying isn’t just confided to the classroom it also occurs in the workplace. I have experienced this myself.  Work  mates can be jealous if you are in line for promotion and they aren’t!   They like to make your life a misery and ultimately hope you will resign.

Most workplaces and schools have Anti Bullying rules set down, have a look at their procedures.

Are you the bully?   Bullies often feel  inadequate and  need as much help as the person being bullied.  Why do you need to bully?  What do you get out of bullying, does it make you feel good, or give you a power fix.  Often bullies suffer from low self-esteem.

Bullying isn’t just out there on the street, these cowards hide behind cyber, text, email and SMS finding it difficult to communicate with people face to face.  This is still bullying!

You need to get help either talk with a best friend, a teacher, a parent, work colleague, the NSPCC helpline www.childline.org  or bullying UK www.bullyinguk.org  or the Samaritans www.samaritans.org

Aston from JLS was bullied and here is a link to him talking about his experience.



Aston is taking part in the 2012 Big March (part of the Anti-Bullying Week).  The event will take place online on January 31 and it will be the world’s first ever-global virtual protest march.

The situation is not acceptable and you have a right to live your life without this extra stress.  Bullying can take the form of physical abuse or mental abuse.   Try not to be afraid and remember you are not alone.

 You can get help by ringing one of these numbers, don’t live in your little bubble.   You are stronger than you think so make that call. 

Childline on 0800 1111

Family Line on 0808 800 2222

Samaritans 0845 7909090

(note there may be a cost incurred in making the phone calls)

Don’t let bullies ruin your life.

Lots of love and hugs

Lana ♥

“Don’t allow yourself to be a spectator in life you have as much right to living a peaceful life as the next person” 

Debi K. Moore


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