Happy New Year 2012 ~ Find you this year

   The end of another year always brings reflections.  And I hope that 2011 provided  good memories for you to treasure.

Goodness we experienced our fair share of the wrath of mother earth with some of the coldest weather on record.   Torrential rains causing flooding in Australia and Thailand.  Both New Zealand and Japan had devastating earthquakes.  Japan experienced its biggest quakes ever resulting in the Fukushima  Nuclear disaster.   And our friends in the USA experienced the worst storms in history.

As I have relatives in both New Zealand and Japan, I was an avid watcher of the news programmes.   When something does affect you in the world, you sit up and take notice.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom though we had the wonderful Royal Wedding in the UK.

Technology moves so fast, it’s difficult to keep up but that isn’t my point.   We seem to be moving much more into virtual worlds than living in the real one.  As such, our skills of communication are breaking down.  The computer is a powerful tool, it can help answer any question you have but in doing so can cause isolation.

Some problems don’t have answers and the only remedy is a cuddle.  Sometimes I think what ‘if’ those lonely suicidal teenagers and the death of the footballer Gary Speed could have had a hug.  Of course, you never know why or how they got to this sad feeling that life was not worth living.   I didn’t know these people but I can only guess they did not carry ‘hope’ in their heart for a better future.

We can’t control the weather but we can control our habits, our thoughts and our actions.   You do hold your future in your own hand.   I always keep going by thinking of J K Rowling’s rejections (12 I think) and that Thomas Edison tried thousands of times to make the light bulb.

Society expects too much of people, I will never look like Claudia Schiffer or sing like Leona Lewis.  But what I can do is improve on what I have.

I love learning new things and still educate myself (although I left school many years ago).  There is so much to learn, so much to know, so much to experience.  I find it quite funny when people say they are bored.  I have a list of things I want to check up, visit, read and do.

I did many new things in 2011, completed NanoWriMo (write a novel in a month), visited the Ritz Hotel for Tea, started acting classes resulting in two films debuts (well only as an extra but getting up at 4.45 am was new to me!).  Went to the theatre (excessively), started editing Lana’s Life Tips Part 2 and started revising my grammar!

If you are feel something is ‘missing’ in your life and you feel empty then start searching for the answer.  The answer is outside of you, not inside of you.  You have to find the ‘reason’ why you are here and what your role is in the world.  You do have a role believe me, you do!  I hope you find it in 2012.

“Many of life’s failures are people who had not realized how close they were to success when they gave up.”
Thomas A Edison

I wrote this poem in 2010 but don’t think I can improve on it.  So am sharing it with you again ~ hope you like it.

Time to put those ghosts to rest.

Deep hurts to bed, 

Sad tears to sleep,

Wrongs to wither to dust.

Time to change our heart.

Anger to calm,

Bruised hearts to heal,

Ice cold closed hearts to melt.   

Time for others.

Give when you have nothing to give

Listen when you prefer to talk

Judge not, unless you are the judge.

And welcome in a new year dawning.

Sing until you can sing no more,

Laugh until your belly hurts,

Dream the impossible dream

Plan the possibilities

Let only you write your own life story.

So goodbye 2011 and let’s welcome in the 2012 with open arms.   Pencil in your diary your plans and dreams.  Make it a fabulous year and remember if life gets a bit tough, you can always turn to Lana for help and inspiration.

Lana x ©

Peace And Happiness To You x


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