Finding your personal journey in life

Finding your personal journey

There is always light

Often we view life as ‘our personal journey’; this is just a series of  pathways that converge to our true destination.   Each purposeful step we make moves us one-step closer to our purpose.  It would be great if life were that simple!  We all know the roads that lead to our destination are rarely direct!  Yes, you will find yourself moving forwards, back and being knocked sideways.   A bit  like one of those cute crabs on the beach.

You’ll encounter obstacles along the way perhaps high fences, puddles or misleading signposts.  Many of us have no idea of our destination, our purpose or role in society.   Life itself is full of complexity.

And it can get even more hazy when faced with a life changing event such as redundancy, finishing school or a set back due to illness.

It would be amazing if after we are born there were a book waiting titled ‘This is your life’!  Just think we could just follow the yellow brick road like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.  Trouble is our life story is unwritten and it’s up to us to make our own decisions.   But it is also exciting not knowing what’s around the corner.

I often contemplate life itself and find myself using the analogy of a dense forest, full of large trees.  Trees often look the same until you get up close and notice they all have their unique identity or markings.  Now of course, we could mark each tree we pass to save walking that way again.  This way you move closer to finding your way out of the forest and finding your destination.

So what can you do when lost in your own forest of life?  You need at this point to take a deep breath; find the words ‘patience’ and hope.  Each tree or obstacle you pass will take you closer and through the darkness, bright shining stars wait to bring light to your day.

I don’t know what tough challenges are ahead for you or what road you wish to take in life.   But I do know jobs are scarce, bankers get richer (on that note,  I must congratulate Sir Philip Hampton and Stephen Hester for giving up their RBS shares of £1.4m and £1m respectively).

What the future has for us is unwritten as we make the history!  We do though live in a confused, somewhat messed up society.  I would love to be able to offer some answers to increasing opportunities, reducing poverty and building dreams.  But sadly, I can’t.

You may find yourself wondering ‘what is in this life for me’.   Well you don’t need to be the next Einstein or Banksy, you just need to be you and know each little bit counts.  Each tree that you pass will take you to your ultimate true destination.

It’s easy to think that as an individual what you do doesn’t make any difference, but it does!

  • Every £1 given to charity helps if 1,000 people give
  • Every smile cheers someone up
  • Every door you hold open brings kindness
  • Every second you listen and not talk counts to that person
  • Every penny you save counts to paying off debts or putting towards a holiday
  • Every page you turn in a book is nearer the end
  • Every time you concentrate hard on something, you will do better
  • Every CV you send is one step closer to securing a job

We all want to be valued, loved and happy.  You don’t need any special skills to make a difference to your own life or someone’s life.   If you give love, you receive love.

Remember it won’t be a clear path, just like the crab you may be forced to move backwards and sideways.   But crabs are clever little souls who know exactly where they are going and end up in the right place.

If you find yourself in darkness, you just have to search for light and not give in.

I firmly believe all life must have a purpose!

Start today and discover what a difference you can make.

I will finish with a lovely quote – “Give love and unconditional acceptance to those you encounter, and notice what happens.”   Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Wishing you  lots of happiness in your life journey.

Lots of love,

Lana ♥

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