You don’t have to forget the past!

Looking back is something they say never do. It is always ‘let’s look forward’ and the ‘past is the past and it is there it should stay’. 

But I think it is okay to look back.  If you think about it ‘back’ is where you’ve come from.  It is what made YOU how you are today.  You see without the past you wouldn’t have grown and developed both physically and spiritually. The people, whom we encountered along the path to now, have all played a part in forming us where we are today.

Someone, perhaps a stranger may have smiled at us at a time in our life when we had lost all hope in humanity. That smile may have been the catalyst to try harder, to get up from that cold uninviting floor and give life another chance.

Even difficult situations such as feeling the wrath of a loved one vent their anger at us may have put us in our place.  This may have taught us to value our family and take care not to take them for granted.

Growing up as a young child, we believed in fairies and Santa and that the world was magical, we laughed with abandon with little cares.  Each new sunrise bought excitement.

But now the toys of yesterday are tatty and have no use.  Our life has moved us on to be a grown-up where we can make our decisions.  But too many people wake with the greyness of the night still etched on their faces.  The joys of yesterday are far-gone and the lack of jobs, the economy and a feeling of hopelessness can worm its way into our world.

The past is who we are.  It isn’t something we can deny, try to hide or choose to forget.  And why would we want to forget where we came from?  The people who shared our lives made us laugh and cry.  The past is a springboard to the future, where you can choose how to move your life forward.

Don’t forget those dreams of yesterday, pull them out of the cupboard, dust them off and carve out a wonderful future.    

So let’s not forget the past when it was life itself that gave simple pleasures. Put in your heart the joy of yesterday because it made you who you are today.

Much love

Lana ♥


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