Mixed Emotions


Even though it’s my birthday weekend, I start my celebrations with a heavy heart.  The news of ‘The Joker’ in the Colorado Theatre shootings lays heavy upon me.   I don’t know any of the people involved, I live many miles from America and yet this despicable and gut wrenching act of one selfish man leaves a scar on everyone’s heart. 


The question of whether we have the ‘right to bear arms’ always rears it head at times like this.   This right is for ‘self-protection’ and I am not a lawyer and do not profess by any means to understand the full context of this law.  But I do know this; that many innocent lives are lost through guns being in the wrong hands i.e. those madmen who create carnage and loss of lives.


I know many Americans will disagree with me and this is a point that could be discussed for a very long time.  I am not here to argue this point but merely to point that if there was a ban on guns, there would be less people with weapons, which would surely decrease these tragic events.


The guy (I wouldn’t mention his name) must have spent months devising this plan and as such had guns for the wrong reason.   The trauma he caused will remain with his victims for many years.   It’s strange he has been described as a ‘good guy’ obviously he covered up the ‘real him’ very well.


There are too many occasions where guns are used wrongly.   People do have the right to protect themselves.  But they do not a right to randomly shoot people.  Taking away an individuals right to live. 

 Sadly, these tragedies will continue until there is a revision of gun laws.  Deep down, and I hate to say this but I don’t think there is an answer. 

 My condolences, thoughts and prayers are in Colorado.   

 Close the Curtain

I want to close the curtain on the world,

Stop its evil dust from entering,

Wrap myself up like cotton wool

Keeping me warm and far from harm.


I want to shout ‘shut up’ world

When the sirens pass and the dogs bark

I want to protect myself with the soft singing of blackbirds,

Perched high in a cherry tree.


I want to say ‘go away world, you don’t understand’

And let these tears fall so no-one knows but me.

But the world won’t leave me alone to be just me,

It screams in my ear with its shrills,

Knocking harshly and loud on my door.


World do you not understand?

I have had enough today, please just let me sleep

If the angels can offer sweet dreams to protect me,

Maybe, just maybe tomorrow I can try to say

‘Hello world’.

(Poem written by Debi K. Moore)


Let not this wickedness taint our interaction with our fellow men/women.

 Lots of love

Lana x



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