Take the toils of the day

Into your hands and crush them,

Prise open your heart

And sing your sorrows away.

Let not a wrong word or saying

Hurt the rhythm of your soul,

Take the silver strands of the moon

And weave them across your heart.

Banish the darkness that wants to enter

Your mind,

Destroy the evil that lurks in your shadow.

Seal the wound that bleeds blood from

Your withered skin.

Avoid the danger in every corner.

See the angels above you trying to soothe your tears,

Move the clouds away so you can see the sun,

Put hope in your heart and a hop in your step,

Let the shining star, shine on you

Don’t hide in the darkness, afraid to show your face.

Courage is what you need to take that first step.

Be brave now in the face of hurt,

Be strong now and let the light you seek in.


Written by Debi K. Moore


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