For my Sister on her Wedding Day 27th July 2012 – Olympic Weddings

For my Sister on her Wedding Day 27th July 2012


It has been many years since we played hide and seek

and made silly sand castles on the beach,

You always made us laugh with your funny ways

And wanting everything to be ‘just so’.

Do you remember our butterfly wings that Mum made?

They were so magical,

But I still cannot remember whether mine was pink and yours was blue.

You didn’t care for dolls preferring to use them as weapons instead!

We were quite different, I was very girly and pink colouring in the corner.

Whilst you liked climbing trees and shouting ‘charge’ or something similar.

You certainly had your fair shares of cuts and scrapes.

But through our differences, we always stayed by each others side.

We have had our share of laughs, tears and misunderstandings but nothing can break the bond that we share.

There’s a special gold thread that links us that neither heaven or earth can break.

A look, a smile, a frown or a laugh needs no words.

I’m always proud to call you my sister but even more so, on this very special day.

I’m so happy you have found a man, who loves you deeply just like you deserve.

Love is all-enduring, it is patient, it is strong, lean on each other in times of trouble and dance together in the good times.

It just leaves me to say ‘Congratulations’ and wish you and your handsome husband many more years of love together.

You are my youngest sister, my friend and forever in my heart.


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