I have to be honest

It’s time for honesty, I can’t avoid this one!

I have tried my very best and in fact I action it every day but still calm and tidiness elude me.   I have always been the same, when I was working for a large, corporate they sent me on a course to help me out!   It didn’t make any difference to my messy desk and certainly did not affect my promotions.  But many years later, the problem remains.

I am not a minimalist and I collect too much!  There said it.

It all started when I was 11 years of age.  I used to get 5p for stacking shelves in a local store but would never spend them, I would save them all up.  Yes, I still have all those 5p’s safely in a small velvet bag.  And now I seem to collect anything.  Oh do not get me wrong, I don’t have huge collections of bears or dolls or anything like that. But I do have clothes (lots) and I do have books (lots) and I hoard paper.

Everyday I plan in something to make the chaos better.  But chaos helps me meet my goals, it makes me work faster and I suppose it provides a lovely warm comfortable blanket (metaphorically speaking).

So today, I have decided that enough is enough.  You’ll also know when enough is enough in any area of your life whether it is de-cluttering, relationships, a new job or just saying ‘no’ to a friend.

I have decided that for 365 days of a year, I will pop something in a charity bag.  That is 30 items in a month but doing it gradually i.e. one item a day will definitely go some way towards making a difference.    Yesterday it was a book that I will never read, not want to read and not sure how I got it.

Today it was a small bottle of perfume that I will never wear, as I am not keen on strong perfume.

I am also tackling my paperwork, I  don’t need all my bank statements and credit card bills.  So I am building a lovely pile ready for shredding.

They say a cluttered house is a cluttered mind!  I don’t always agree with this statement after all I wrote a lovely book available on Amazon and in the process of writing another and a novel at the same time!

My bills are paid on time, I can find 99.9% of the paperwork I need.  So not doing too badly.

Don’t panic I am not even close to this amount of paperwork!  But if no action is taken in 10 years this could be me!

So there you have it, just decide to do something but it doesn’t mean you have to jump in with two feet, you can just take a small baby step to get there.  Same result just a little longer.

It is tough admitting to a weakness but once you do, you can plan in some actions points to make things better.  


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