Proud of The Olympics 2012

Any doubts have  been firmly put aside; it has been an amazing Olympic Games 2012 hosted in London!

Our opening and closing ceremonies may have been slightly bizarre…. But it was very British!   It combined an infusion of fashion, music and historical moments spanning the decades.   The credit goes to Danny Boyle best known for his film “Slumdog Millionaire” who created the ceremonies

The Queen making an appearance with James Bond was a stroke of genius in the Opening Ceremony.  I found the funniest part was Eric Idle (from Monty Python) in his hilarious rendition of ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’.   Here in Great Britain, we don’t mind a laugh and a joke in fact it is what keeps us sane.

What a full-packed 16 days of intense excitement we saw!  I was glued to the TV screen, enjoying sports I had never watched before.  I even found myself watching the Boxing!

We saw some prolific achievements from Michael Phelps, Usain Bolt, Mo Farah, David Rudisha and Chad Le Ros to name but a few.   Congratulations to all those who won a medal (302 medals up for grabs) and to those who qualified as an athlete (that in itself is a huge achievement).   The USA topped the medal table with 46 gold’s.  The games saw 117 Olympic records broken showing that commitment and dedication achieves dreams.

The commentary from the BBC was sublime; I loved it!

It’s been an honour to hold the Olympics here in London on behalf of The World and I hope other Countries enjoyed it as much as we did.

Sadness came when the beautiful crafted torch was extinguished.  Then it was all over for us the hosts of the Olympics but we have medals and we have memories.

In sport as in life making it work for you takes guts.  This quote from Mo Farah says it all.  ‘It’s all hard work. It’s been a long journey, grafting and grafting’

Rio de Janeiro hosts the next Olympics in 2016 and from the small glimpse at the closing ceremony, it will vibrant, full of colour and wonderfully exciting.  I can feel myself searching for a ticket on-line when they go on sale.


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