Close the Curtain

I want to close the curtain on the world,

Stop its evil dust from entering,

Wrap myself up like cotton wool

Keeping me warm and far from harm.

I want to shout ‘shut up’ world

When the sirens pass and the dogs bark

I want to protect myself with the soft singing of blackbirds,

Perched high in a cherry tree.

I want to say ‘go away world, you don’t understand’

And let these tears fall so no-one knows but me.

But the world won’t leave me alone to be just me,

It screams in my ear with its shrills,

Knocking harshly and loud on my door.

World do you not understand?

I have had enough today, please just let me sleep

If the angels can offer sweet dreams to protect me,

Maybe, just maybe tomorrow I can try to say

‘Hello world’.

(Poem written by Debi K. Moore)


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