Time For A Cull

Sometimes you must have a cull.    Life can become disoriented if we overload ourselves with media, things to do, must do, baking, kids clubs, computer games, housework, paid work!

It becomes just too much and too much of anything or everything is a road leading to disaster.  Sadly the result is you….. frustrated, sad, disillusioned or becoming physically sick either mentally or physical.

You don’t have to be Superwoman or Superman.

Believe me you don’t!

What you need is strength of mind.  The strength in you to know that things have to change, you have to change your life.

Identify what is taking up most of your time. Now ask yourself is it necessary? If it’s paid work it is necessary if you need to pay bills.   Let’s say you spend too much time on Facebook or on-line chat or even on-line Bingo, ask yourself how useful these things in your life are.

What are gaining from this activity?

Is it making you wiser?

Is it making you happy?

Is it moving you closer to your dreams?

How does it make you feel when the day is done?

Is it harming your relationships with your partner or children?

Are you neglecting the housework?


So here is what you need to do.



Write down a list of all the things you think you need to do and then assess them against the questions above.  If they don’t fit in, then cull them!

You may need to change your habits or your lifestyle.

Always bear in mind ‘is what I am doing now meaningful to my future?’  That should answer any doubts as to whether what you are doing is worthwhile.

Be the person you always wished to be – start today.


Lana ♥


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