See what you see!

I’m not sure if you have seen the optical illusion picture of the old/young woman. It’s very well-known and depending on ‘your view’ it depends on what you see. Within the same picture is an ‘old lady’ and a ‘young lady’. It does take a few minutes to study it before you find both images.

You see it all depends on how you see it! Life is just like that – a gorgeous wildflower could be seen as a weed!

Some of Damien Hirst’s work is rather bizarre but some people see the ‘art’ and some see grotesqueness.

So what’s your world looking like right now? Does it feel sunny in your heart even though the wind blows cold outside?

Perception – everything is life is how YOU perceive it. By perceiving a task as difficult it becomes more difficult but do it with joy and it becomes easier.


Look in the mirror and how do you see yourself? Do you like what you see? Maybe not all of you as there is always the ‘bum is too big’ or ‘my nose is too big’ or even ‘my boobs are too small’. Somethings are not for changing, not one person on this earth is perfect!

So you can’t expect yourself to be perfect or other people to be. By accepting and loving yourself you allow yourself to see the world as a much brighter world. You won’t get thrown off course by a few stumbles, you’ll plod on with the knowledge that you are learning as you go.

No-one knows everything, is everything, can do everything. But everyone has some skills such as baking, sewing, a good laugh or even a much needed shoulder for crying.

Look at your life in a positive way and perceive the world to be a beautiful. A place where people are kind, considerate and DO give a damn. You may just find the world starts loving you right back.

It all starts with a simple smile.

Have a good time over the bank holiday x


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