Yesterday – Let It Go

The past always seems better; it has an illusion of being less stressful.   How many times do we hear “Those were the days my friend!”  Quite often especially in this economic recession and even David Cameron has said we are ‘in the economic equivalent of war’.

So yesterday, we had less pain, less problems, and money seemed to be more abundant.  There were plenty of jobs, people had manners and somehow the world didn’t look such a gloomy grey.

But yesterday is well and truly gone.  We all know it wasn’t how I portrayed it; yesterday did have its problems, its hurts, its troubles except now we have carried them with us into our today.

Tomorrow seems brighter because we can’t see tomorrow.  It is an unknown entity and when we get there the brightness sometimes fades into that gloomy greyness that was our yesterday.

So if yesterday was gloomy, today seems to be going wrong and we can’t control tomorrow how do we ever start to make life right?

See the trouble is we tend to carry things with us perhaps we should be braver to leave behind.  Yes, brave to leave behind in our yesterday. People hurt us and we lug that hurt around with us, acting the martyr or feeling we deserve bad things in our life.

We put too much pressure on ourselves to be perfect; this is such an impossible dream – so we need to let it go.  We also want other people to be perfect, to make things better for us.  But sometimes we have to stand on our own and try to make our own life better.

Yes, the past contains our hurts, and our pie in the sky dreams that hang on like a leech.  But don’t beat yourself up – let it go.

If I hadn’t been hurt, if I’d lived my dreams then maybe I wouldn’t be writing this or have anything to share.  It’s because I have been hurt, because people let me down, because I’ve cried too many tears  – that I can write this.

You see experiences offer us a chance to start anew, afresh or re-jig our plans.  If I didn’t experience that pain, I wouldn’t be the ‘wise bird’.  You see I know pain, I know hurt, I know how it feels to lose your life in a week (yes I lost – my home, my mother, my boyfriend all in the same week).

I have been constantly rejected (still rejected by publishers), still ignored by those who matter and yes because of this – I understand pain, rejection, hurt and maybe that’s why I can offer my words to you.  Maybe that’s what my purpose is – to help others, maybe not, who knows but for now it seems right to me.

You can only do what seems right to you at a certain time in your life BUT I do hope you will let hurts stay in your yesterday and not drag them into your day or tomorrow.   It is only by ‘letting go’ you’ll see a sunnier tomorrow when you get there ♥

Much love

Lana x


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