It’s All Too Much!


Do you regularly have ‘one of those days’ when everything becomes urgent all at once?  Everyone wants a bit of ‘you’!  The cat needs feeding, you’ve not been to the gym all month and a stack of emails needs a response! The fridge is empty and you need to look a million dollars tonight for a hot date!

A chaotic life and being too much of a busy bumblebee can lead to stress and being constantly anxious.  It can also lead to mistakes and wrong decision-making.

But isn’t being busy good?  Yes, but there’s being busy and being ‘super busy’!  Excessive demands on your time may lead to poor health resulting in over-indulgence.  Having another glass of wine to relieve stress is never a good idea.

So are you over-doing it?  Check out A to E below and if you say ‘YES’ to at least 3 of them – you are too busy!  

  1. You are feeling weary and exhausted
  2. You can’t find time to schedule in the dentist or the hairdresser
  3. You eat breakfast, lunch and dinner ‘standing up’!
  4. Exercise is one of the last things on your schedule.
  5. Your body is so tired but you can’t sleep because your mind is racing.

Too many demands on your time can affect your relationships and your health.   Often when we have a spare 15 minutes – we waste it!   We find a little ‘me time’ by trying to crack the next level on ‘Candy Crush’ thinking it will help relieve stress.  Trouble is on-line games actually increase stress as it doesn’t allow the ‘mind’ time to rest.   You’ll achieve more by sitting peacefully in the garden with a strong cup of green tea.

Believe me your life won’t change dramatically because you never saw the latest film or missed Big Brother.  Don’t save up things in the planner you will never watch, you are storing up ‘anxiety’.  We survived perfectly well before Sky plus.

So here’s some solutions to help reduce your ‘too much’ in your world: 

  1. Turn off non-essential updates.  Only get updates from people/companies that really matter to you.  Try to do this at least once a week to give you breathing space.
  2. Find 30 minutes out of your diary to de-clutter and tidy up your ‘space’ so ‘things’ are easier to find.  This will save you heaps of time in the future.
  3. If you’re doing something, that doesn’t give you happiness or isn’t essential to well being, see if you can cut things or people from your diary.
  4. Prioritise ‘loved one’s’ first.   Make time to enjoy ‘nature’ and play in the park with your kids or friends.
  5. Spend ‘quality time’ with your partner at least once a week.
  6. Diarise ‘fun’ with your best friend at least once a month.
  7. Recognise the beauty that surrounds you – look up occasionally and stand still.
  8. Be ‘thankful’ for what and who is in your life.
  9. Never compare your life with others life’s – because you are rightly so ‘unique and wonderful’.
  10. Lastly, ‘pat yourself on the back’.  You are doing a fantastic job.

Life will go on regardless of what is on your ‘to do list’ so fit in things that make you happy.

Remember you are ALWAYS WORTH IT!


Lana x


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