Happy New Year 2014 – Making Dreams Come True

It’s been the usual year of highs and lows.  The weather has caused devastating damage in the Philippines from typhoon Haiyan.   Whether Global warming does exist, it provides a timely reminder that we must take care of our planet.

As usual I can’t write this blog without playing tribute to the sad deaths of some great people such as Nelson Mandela, Margaret Thatcher, Peter O’Toole, Paul Walker, Frederick Sanger, Diane Disney Miller, Doris Lessing, Cory Monteith to name but a few.

On a more uplifting note, in the UK, we had a Royal birth and Andy Murray delighted us by winning Wimbledon!  Pope Francis became the 265th Pope and so far seems to be widely loved and I had the chance to witness his Sunday Angelus on a trip to Rome.

Technology is a vital part of us communicating.  But we must not allow it to control us!  It’s too easy to slip quietly into this virtual world where real life relationships can suffer.  We must not let social networking pull us away from ‘real relationships’

Once the 31st December arrives, we reflect on what we have achieved.  Whether you achieved your goals is up to you.  Maybe you veered off your path or were sidetracked by Pet Rescue!  If you truly want 2014 to be the year that dreams come true, you have to work at it, plan it, and make time for it.  If you really want something to change; then change it.  Having said that, you may like things as they are and if this is true, then so be it.  Don’t force change for changes sake.


You may know, I’m not keen on New Year Resolutions, as often they get broken quickly into the year.  This just makes us feel bad for the month of January.  A less soul-destroying way forward is to plan ‘Smart’ what you want to make happen in 2014 by using the S.M.A.R.T system:

Specific:  You need to ‘define’ your goal.  Make extra money or write a book, or quit drinking during the week.   I will make play a lead role on stage, is not specific enough.  What lead role, where do you want to perform?

Measurable:  It needs to be measurable.  How much money, how many pages, how many goals scored during your football match.  How many inches do you want to lose.

Attainable:  I am going to win the lottery, is not attainable it is a wish.  I want to sing with Robbie Williams isn’t that feasible unless you know him.

Relevant:   It needs to be relevant today or in the near future.  How will it change your life or other people’s life?  Is your idea too out-dated or too futuristic?

Time-Based:  You can make a three-year plan but for now, it needs to be broken down into manageable chunks.  Time frame, step one to be achieved by a certain date, then move on to step two.

We start ‘change’ with a plan or a vision.  We make it happen with  baby little steps that lead to the real change.   If you feel something is not quite right in your life; then start writing your list to make a difference either to your own life or to someone else.

As we say, ‘Goodbye’ to 2013 let us reach out to 2014 with renewed and strengthened optimism.  You can make ‘changes’, you can plan your life to make a better future for you and your loved ones.

Here’s to you ♥

Lana x ©

Time to put those ghosts to rest.

Deep hurts to bed, 

Sad tears to sleep,

Wrongs to wither to dust.

Time to change our heart.

Anger to calm,

Bruised hearts to heal,

Ice cold closed hearts to melt.   

Time for others.

Give when you have nothing to give

Listen when you prefer to talk

Judge not, unless you are the judge.

And welcome in a New Year dawning.

Sing until you can sing no more,

Laugh until your belly hurts,

Dream the impossible dream

Plan the possibilities

Be the author of your own life story.

Debi K. Moore


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2014 – Making Dreams Come True

  1. I didn’t learn SMART until about six years ago. By that time, though, I had already put into place the system that my wise old grandmother taught me when I was 11: Set your goal for where want to be in five years. Five years is soon enough to be foreseeable but far enough out to make planning for it worthwhile. Determine how you will get there, step by step. Assign those steps to years, months, weeks, days, and even hours if necessary. Now just do it!

    The great thing about her 5-year plan is that, like employment contracts for sports coaches, it can be a rolling 5-year plan. So when year one is finished, if something significant happened, like a catastrophic illness, one can adjust the goals and plans as necessary.

    It’s worked for me for 48 years!

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