Happy Mother’s Day


A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie. -Tenneva Jordan


I know many people think it is just ‘commercialism’ but if there is a day to treasure your mother then this is it!

Mother’s ALWAYS do their best, they are not invincible although I know sometimes we think they are.  We have a habit of thinking our Mother can solve anything, do anything and have innate wisdom .  And this is 99% true because Mother’s will always put their children first, they would climb the highest mountain and yes they would also say they don’t care for pie (even though they are starving).

My own mother passed away many years ago when I was young, so every Mother’s Day holds some pain.  This is the first year my child is not with me, so I thought it would be difficult.  But flowers arrived both from my son and my niece who is like a daughter to me.   But as I put the kettle on, I looked out the window and a butterfly landed on the windowsill.  I knew today I would be fine and love is in my heart albeit it from afar.

Showing your affection and love is not hard, a bunch of tulips, daffodils or simply taking on some of the household chores that day will suffice.  Let her put her feet up, pamper her and love you.   We are all so busy but this special day is one you can put aside for that special person who has nurtured and loved you since birth.


Go on spoil her – she truly deserves it x


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