I’m Bored!

I don’t understand ‘boredom’ it puzzles the hell out of me! 

D.K. Moore

I often read posts and tweets saying ‘I am bored’ or ‘booooorrrrrreeeeed’. We are wired in this modern world to tune in with our tv, social media and games to stimulate our brain. Often it is these things which bore us although I would never underestimate how important these are to communicating especially for the lonely and housebound.

Maybe it’s the lack of the right activities that your brain needs for stimulation, creativity and the satisfaction of problem solving that leads to that dreaded boredom.

I’ve never been bored in my life, in fact it’s the opposite. I have a passion for learning, there is so much to learn in the world, try out, see and experience that I find it difficult to schedule everything in.

So how can you stop yourself getting bored? Think of the skills you might need in the future or those dreams sitting dusty at the back of your wardrobe. Are you doing anything to increase your skill set? Just going on holiday makes it useful to brush up on your French or Spanish. If you want to write, read and improve your grammar.  Have you always wanted to start a business, attend some short courses on marketing. Do you love colour, houses and furniture then check out the glossy world of interior designing? Start by doing mood  boards. I’m always looking to increase my knowledge of history, geography and my grammar skills!  I might be a bit odd but it’s about finding the passion in anything you do.

There are many free apps to get you started, it’s just a case of starting and planning in some time each day to invest in your future. You are in control of it – it’s you, yes you who makes a difference to your own life.

Passion is the key

Lots of love,

Lana x


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