Happy New Year 2015

We’ve all had our trials and tribulations during 2014 and I hope somewhere in your journey, you found joy and happiness.

I always feel it is a bit strange to say goodbye to the old year and welcome in the new one.  Often we find ourselves lingering over regrets, failure, arguments and dump them right in 2015!  It is hard to let go and New Year can be joyous and unhappy both at the same time.  Do yourself a favour and forgive those that have wronged you and also forgive yourself for mistakes and wrong decisions.

We are not perfect so don’t be hard on you.  Also, don’t set yourself up for failure by having New Year resolutions you know you don’t have the heart, strength or ability to keep.  Be nice to you.  What you can do before the year is out, is assess what you could have changed and learn from it.

Here are some idea’s to get you started in the New Year

1.  Get rid of anything you don’t need or want and gift to a charity shop or friend.

2.  Purchase a lovely diary (I use Paperblanks) and mark out all the important events.

3.  Do you have a unfullifield ambition?  Then start planning your dream in baby steps.

4.  Make one room in your house a haven, so you can write, mediate or listen to music,

5.  Do something new in 2015 join a class, learn Japanese or take up painting.  Anything to give you a fresh perspective.

Embrace the New Year like a trusted friend, with passion, with trust and with love.  Be kind to those who you meet along the way.

Time to put those ghosts to rest.

Deep hurts to bed, 

Sad tears to sleep,

Wrongs to wither to dust.

Time to change our heart.

Anger to calm,

Bruised hearts to heal,

Ice cold closed hearts to melt.   

Time for others.

Give when you have nothing to give

Listen when you prefer to talk

Judge not, unless you are the judge.

And welcome in a New Year dawning.

Sing until you can sing no more,

Laugh until your belly hurts,

Dream the impossible dream

Plan the possibilities

Be the author of your own life story.

Debi K. Moore


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