New Starts, New Changes, Help!



Life itself evolves and we must also evolve with it.  We don’t stay the same as when we were a toddler.  We learn, we grow, we experience new things.


Yep some things come easy and some things are very hard.   We often can’t change the situation, it changes around us whilst we sit in the middle around the noise of our life.  Relationships break up, we start new jobs, new schools or off to University.


Although we can feel excitement because of new things,  we can also be scared of the unknown, scared of new people and whether they will like us?   Often we build up ideas in our head (which are often ALL wrong) and the new places and new people are absolutely great.  You might even end up with a NEW best friend!


The key to new situations is to be open-minded and not to judge especially people.  Often people don’t show the ‘real’ them on a first meeting as they (falsely) think you won’t like them so they ‘show off’ to a certain extent.   Try to be yourself, smile often, talk about the new place, the latest music or fashion.  BUT try to avoid subjects that no one will  EVER agree on like politics or religion (keep those for another day or year!)

Life is for living, learning, dreaming and sometimes just being silent in the awe of this wonderful world that we live in.

Go and enjoy that fresh new challenge with a smile in your heart 🙂

Love Lana xxx





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