Spring – Oh glorious Spring!

It’s easy for me to be happy today.

  1.  It’s Spring
  2. The sky is blue – yes blue
  3. The sun is shining – yes shining
  4. It’s Monday!


So the reason why I am happy is that we are getting warmer days (nature tells me so).  For too many months, there’s been a grey haze in the sky; that sometimes beats down into your heart making it difficult to see new growth in your life.

But Spring brings daffodils, bulbs sprouting that you didn’t plant (thank you birds) and this brings a new hope to the day.   Spring is full of ‘yellow’ – work with me here, yellow daffodils, chicks, sun …. with me?  As we know colours affect our mood, red makes us hungry and maybe a bit mad, blue calms us, brown grounds us and YELLOW makes us HAPPY.

If you aren’t sharing my enthusiasm and happiness for life ‘egged’ on by Spring, then wear ‘yellow’ or put some lovely ‘yellow’ flowers in a vase.   Why am I not forlorn on a Monday?  Well I absolutely love MONDAYS, I find the start of the week full of endless possibilities, dreams to work on, that phone call that could change your life, that job come true, that guy/girl notices you in the park.   Oh so full of dreams and chances, life and hopes.   Do something this week that’s different, something that makes you feel better, grow spiritually as a person, learn Spanish or bake a cake for your mates.  Do something and be inspired.

So my message is, take this day in all its glory and believe in a better world.  You can do it, I know you can.

Lots of Love

Lana xxx


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