Help ~ with exams?

With exams upon us, it is easy to think why bother to start revising?   Especially, if you admit that you have not paid much attention in the classroom during term.  Yes I know you are thinking ‘what will be, will be’ and accept the fact you are likely to fail.   I have this motto which says ‘never give in until you really have to’.  So we still have a little time to make a difference ~ don’t we?  That last bit of effort before the exam can really pay off.  We always think there will be lots of time to revise but once we start revising realise there is lots to do.

First, please don’t give up.  Just that one little extra bit of information could mean one point (i.e. the difference between passing and failing).  Any effort you make at this stage surely has to be worth it. Okay, first relax and start breathing normally.  We tend to stress too much and this will just make your mind anxious and overwork with the wrong information. 

So here is what might help you. 

  •     Ask your teacher if they have a copy of the course syllabus if you don’t know what you have studied
  •     Speak to your friends to see if they have coursework you could just read through
  •     Look for revision notes on the internet try the and
  •     Try to get previous past test papers to get an idea of the type of questions you are likely to be asked in the exam
  •     Buy revision cards/books from stationery stores (you can carry these with you on the go and even revise on the bus).
  •    Write key points down on yellow stickies and put them everywhere, bathroom wall, fridge, anywhere you go often so it is in your face.
  •    Use a dictaphone and transfer information to your iPod or similar so you can listen to them on the go.  Ditch the songs for now, you can always listen to these later.
  •    Use a simple system of relating words to something you will remember.  Transfer words or idea’s into pictures to aid recall.

When you have learnt a little, write it down somewhere.  By writing things down it reinforces in our memory.  Once you have written it down.  Check your knowledge by writing things down without notes to see what you have remembered. I am sure you will have learnt some of this at school or college but it is easy to forget things.

Use all available resources to gain knowledge and information on your subject.

 Before the exam:

       Ensure you have enough sleep the night before

      Allow yourself extra time in the morning so you don’t feel rushed

      Have breakfast so you won’t feel hungry

      Drink water so you won’t feel sluggish

      Breathe deeply and slowly

At the end of the day, it is just one exam of perhaps many in your lifetime.  By trying your hardest, you do your best and that is all you can do.  As long as you know you have tried then you should reproach yourself.   Okay, don’t worry if you do fail.  In the majority of cases, you can re-sit an exam. 

It isn’t the end of your world ~ it is just an exam.  It does not in any way represent your entire life .  

Good luck and if you want something you do have to put a little effort in, sadly nothing is free or easy these days.  Hard work really can pay off.

I will be thinking of you.


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